Nikkah Builder empowers Muslim couples to draft their own nikkahs to build healthy marriages.



After speaking with family and friends, we discovered that there is a lack of discussion between couples about marital expectations and responsibilities before the wedding. Muslim couples and their families are often so excited about the upcoming wedding that efforts to discuss hard questions and concerns are discouraged.

We built Nikkah Builder as an easy to use tool for couples to draft a custom nikkah, and to also encourage discussing important marital issues before the wedding.



Nikkah Builder has been rigorously tested ensure that you draft a high quality nikkah.  We care deeply about the quality of your nikkah because we understand that a successful marriage can affect you and your family‚Äôs whole life.

Nikkah Builder provides the same level of quality as top tier international law firms.  Nikkah Builder is the only product on the market that is built, tested, and reviewed by attorneys who have worked at top international law firms.


Our attorneys have extensive experience in understanding the dynamics of how marriages form, how parties come to an agreement, and how marriages dissolve - and that experience coupled with deep research and extensive revisions of the platform ensures Nikkah Builder's quality.  We also work with family counselors/therapists and Muslim religious leaders to ensure that Nikkah Builder supports healthy Muslim families.


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Omair, Founder 

Omair is an attorney who practiced law at a U.S. federal agency and at international law firms.  As an attorney, Omair represented a wide variety of clients in both litigation and transactional matters.  Omair earned a J.D. from Cornell Law School and is admitted as an attorney to the Texas Bar and the Illinois Bar in the United States.