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Your Future Together

Nikkah Builder is a tool that allows couples to draft a nikkah and facilitate in-depth discussions on how they want to live their lives together.  It offers a carefully screened and curated list of terms that can be inserted into your personalized nikkah. Unable to find that special term? Feel free to add your own term directly into the nikkah.


Legally Valid Marriage

Nikkah Builder is designed to createa nikkah that is recognized as a valid marriage everywhere in the world.  Every jurisdiction has its own local laws, customs, and procedures regarding marriage, which may require users to fulfill additional requirements (e.g., license, registration, certification, etc.) for the civil authorities.


Community Driven Resource

Nikkah Builder was built with input from attorneys, family law specialists, family/marriage counselors, scholars, experts on family law issues, and engaged/married/divorced couples.


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